Sunday, April 19, 2009

slaaaaaackin' ---- Wunmi + Loosie

any way, yeah i'm lazy. I went to a Loosie show and caught the end of Wunmi's set at SOB's all in the past week and 1/2. Both dope both fun!!! check them below. Spec and Elucid are my boys so go and support I don't really know Von Pea but he seems cool and I like his flow. Oh yeah they opened for Che Grand. I enjoyed his new video check that out below. Along with the others.

Wunmi is just good. She's got energy and presence like you wouldn't believe!!!

elucid & spec boogie freestyle

che grand - girls talk

The Foreign Exchange - von sees ft. von pea

Spec Boogie - Bedstuy <---- love this song!!!!

Wunmi - Crossover

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