Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stereolab - Dots and Loops

Stereolab has mannnnny albums and many wonderful songs so I'm just going to share 2 from 1 album. Their music and vocals make me feel like i'm floating on a cloud in the middle of a sprinkling rain of rainbow colored drops. HAHAHA! okaaaaaay...
"Diagonals" & "Brakhage" from Dots & Loops

P.O.S. - Why Go (Pearl Jam cover)

Love this kid. He's really talented, too bad when I went to his myspace I wasn't really feeling his original stuff. Nonetheless he's talented.

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Dj Jazzy Jeff blah blah, influentual dj, blah blah, the other half of the Fresh Prince blah blah. you know the rest. I'm not a writer but I like music, sorry. Any way yeh he's more than just that other half. Sick ass dj and if you don't know, then you're sleepin. So go to his website and download "my faves vol. 1". A bunch of remixes of his favorite hip hop songs. Go head and do it its free. Black Moon, Jay Z, Nas, Pharcyde, Audio Two plus a bunch more on this one. Taster below, the full song actually. imeem is picky with which songs they let you post full length. need to get my own player but too lazy.

Todd Terry - Bango

To the batmobile...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adele - First Love

Adele can sing. That's all I have to say.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Raphael Saadiq at Irving Plaza (The Fillmore)

The best show EVER!!! Raphael Saadiq is an amazing performer. He sounds awesome live. I was very pleased to see such a mixed crowd. Older white couples, young cool fashionable black kids, some muslim peeps, asian, indan EVERYTHING, latino/spanish/latins whatever the hell people are calling us these days. Any way it was a great crowd. hehe. The show was the shit! He put on a long show with no breaks really. He just kept it moving with energy like you wouldn't believe. He started off with stuff off of his new album, then Ali Shaheed Muhammed came on stage and the broke in to a bunch of Lucy Pearl stuff. Then after that they transitioned back into some new stuff then went into some Tony Toni Tone stuff. After that he did some of his early solo stuff like "Ask of You". Then back to new stuff. hahah I hope you understood that last jumble of post, I'm kinda writing this blog in a hurry. Any way the crowd was hyped and totally involved which made for an even better show. My suggestion is that if he's coming to your town. DEFINITELY go. and take moms too! Sorry I didn't take any pictures, forgot to bring my camera. I was in the back any way and had to keep asking my fiance to lift my short ass up.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Eric Lau ft. Tawiah - I Don't Do It

Stupid 30 second clip!!! If you belong to imeem just sign in and it will play full length. Check the live performance below.

Outkast - Spottieottiedopaliscous

Descriptive storytelling lyrics at their best!!! Big Boi and Andre sure know how to tell a story. This line always gets me, makes me giggle, and so perfect that I can imagine it.
"The way she moved reminded me of a Brown Stallion horse with skates on smooth like a hot comb on nappy ass hair"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Police - Voices Inside My Head

Funky ass song by the Police. I remember hearing this song out at a party once. I remembered the song instantly but never thought about how funky it is. Listen to that bass line. You remember that 702 song "Steelo"? You will recognize "Voices In My Head" as the sample.

Repeat Post!!! Ge-ology ft. Yukimi Nagano - Blues Alley

Love this song sooooo much I had to re-post it! Yukimi's dreamy voice makes me melt. Also below that is Little Dragon's (Yukimi's current group) "No Love" which was for some unknown reason not on the American release of the album. I'm not sure why cuz I love it.

Ge-Ology ft. Yukimi Nagano - Blues Alley

Little Dragon - No Love

Roberto Roena - Que Se Sepa

I love salsa clasica, especially Willie Colon, Hector LaVoe and all those Fania All Star dudes. This song By Roberto Roena is a funky ass track. Check the funky break at the beginning.

Awesome 3 - Don't Go (kicks like a mule remix)

I love alll this old school techno stuff. The sped up break beats, simple sounds and not over produced. Just good!!! I love the piano riffs and the vocals too. So old school sounding. I like the (kicks like a mule remix) only though. Check it, maybe you'll like it too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MIMS - Move

I have a soft spot for heavy, bassy, simple beats like this here. You know, A Milli sounding, heavy knocking, bassy beats. Too bad MIMS is WACK, regardless I can't help but like it. This video I gotta say is impressive. Lovin' it.

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Love this song!!! reminds me of my hipster neighborhood. This song was playing in every boutique, restaurant, bar at one point. Its almost as if all these 80's born babies discovered this song at the same time. I also love Nouvelle Vauge's take on it as well. Little bossa nova steez.

What's crazy is that this song came out in 1980. The lead singer committed suicide and the remaining band members formed New Order. Crrrrazzzzy. check the tunes below.

Soho (Pal Joey) - Hot Music

Yo, who doesn't looooove this classic dance track? Any time I hear this song out I just wanna dance and get loose.

Common - Universal Mind Control

Common's new album in my opinion is a little weird. Its cool that the hip-hop r&b world is pushing toward the "electronic" side, trying to change things up a little bit. But... sometimes they just don't do it right and it ends up sounding cheesy to me. for example, 808's and Heartbreaks, Not feeling it. But I doooooo love Universal Mind Control, the title song of Common's album. I think that may be the only song I like on the album actually. I dunno sometimes i don't give albums enough chance before I judge. Maybe if I listen to it more it will grow on me.

Been listening to it more and there are a couple more songs I like. Punch Drunk Love being one of them. Still I think some are silly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whats he doing???

I posted a while ago about Cocorosie. "By Your Side" Is my faaaaaavorite song from them off of their first album. I love their experimental edge and the beatboxing and wind up toy sounds. I dunno bout dudes experimental dancing below though. AND he's got a tail! hehehehehhehehehhe. I give it to him though.


Classic NY underground dance tracks!!! Hailing from the Bronx!


ESG - Moody

Rick James & Grace Jones - 25th Grammys 1983

Love this classic Grammy's clip from 1983. Grace Jones and Rick james wow! Marvin Gaye Actually wins the Grammy for Sexual Healing. So cool to watch this old stuff. Music when it was real! Its funny how Rick James keeps having to duck under Grace's umbrella hat. hahah!

Cherelle - I didn't Mean To Turn You On

OH my goodness! This song sooo reminds me of being little. I know it seems I only post old music. But I get really nostalgic about music I listened to growing up. I used to watch this video on BET as a little girl at my aunts house, cuz we didn't have cable. hehe. Any way I looooved this song. You gotta check the video, especially the part where the gorilla is popping on top of a building, hahha.

High and Dry

I love the original version of this song by Radiohead but I also love Bilal's version. I have always been a fan of Bilal. This jazzy take on the Radiohead classic is awesome. Check em both below.

Radiohead - High and Dry

Pete Kuzma ft. Bilal - High and Dry

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Raphael Saadiq!!!

I got Raphael Saadiq tickets today for the Irving Plaza show in 2 weeks!!! I've been wanting to see him forever. I looooooove Raphael, from Toni Tony Tone to Lucy Pearl, to his solo stuff. I love almost everything he's done. Here are a few of my favorites!

Raphael Saadiq - Oh Girl

Raphael Saadiq - Ask Of You

Raphael Saadiq - Skyy (Can You Feel me)

Earth Wind & Fire + MC Shy D

I grew up listening to my mom play Earth Wind & Fire, and I've always loved the song "Brazilian Rhyme". Then sometime when I was in Junior High MC Shy D Came out with the Miami Bass track "Gotta Be Tough". Loved that too. Check em below!:) Get yo freak and yo smurf on!!!


This guy Kutiman is a freakin genius. He takes all these different youtube music clips and makes songs out of them. Crazy youtube mashups!!! He actually composes real songs out of them. Check the video below then go to his website and listen and watch the rest of them. You will be amazed!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MC Lyte

Paper Thin, and Cha Cha Cha. My two favorite MC Lyte tracks. Not many female MCs can top Lyte.

Cha Cha Cha
Uploaded by ice1906

Meritol - Frog Back

Ok this song is couple years old or so, but this beat is sick and I can listen and bounce to it forever. Check the video on how to do da Frog Back. I'm so not up on the dances these days.


Originally from Suriname, not sure what they are saying but I've always loooooved this song, well the soca version by Square One. I had never heard the og version by Ai Sa Si. The folk version is beautiful and the Soca version well let me just tell you... Get ready to wind as Alison Hinds would say!!! West Indian Day Parade on Eastern pkwy is all I gotta say.

Monday, March 9, 2009

J*Davey at Webster Hall

Went to see J*Davey at Webster Hall on saturday. This girl Amanda Diva opened up for them. Amanda Diva definitely has charisma and I truly liked her and enjoyed watching her but... I felt the music was a little broadway comedy show like. It was weird. she definitely had me laughing at times and she has a presence its just that I couldn't feel the music much.

J*Davey came out at like 2am. Talk about a late start. Then she kept asking where the energy was. come on now girl, we'd been waiting all night. pssshht! Any way they definitely put on a good show, Its just that they started out with all new tracks, all stuff being released by Warner Brothers. I don't know if its because they have a major deal now, but I wasn't feeling the new stuff. I actually thought it was a little wack. It was super pop KTU style. Or so it sounded. I'm not gonna judge completely so I'll just wait until the new album comes out to decide if I like or not. I really enjoyed seeing them perform their 1st album tracks. Good Shit!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lil Vicious ft. Doug E Fresh - Freaks

Some gyal a freak some gyal a freak a da week...

Don Blackman - Holding You, Loving You

Original on top. Samples below :)

Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez - Freestyle Bongo

This classic has b-boy, breakbeat, house written all over it. Love Kenny!

Esthero - Superheroes

Beautiful voice. I wonder what she's doing today. Actually she's on the "Street Lights" track on Kanye's new album, you can't even hear her over Kanye's horrendous singing. I dunno I don't think Kanye was meant to sing. I'm not feeling 808's and heartbreak.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slick Rick - Hey Young World

Their times limited, hard rocks too...

ZZ Hill + Madvillain

I have always loved the sample from the Madvillain song "Fancy Clown" Check below the og and then the sample.

J*Davey ft. Phonte - Just Because

If you haven't checked out J*Davey you are missing out. Phonte of Little Brother makes this track buttery!

Joyce Simms - All In all

Love me some freestyle!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cheryl Lynn - Encore

This video is HILARIOUS! Don't skip this one WATCH IT!!! Ha, these dudes got some moves. Any way. So this song effortlessly mixes with Jay Z's "Encore". I've actually heard it on a couple of mixes. Check that as well.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kudu - Cannibal (bite me mix)

Tough or tender sweet or sour, you deserve to be devoured. This song is awesome! HA perverted in a creepy way. I find myself listening to Kudu and then thinking how weird they are after I've listened to them. I'm not sure how I'm liking the new stuff they been posting on myspace. But I definitely like this song.

Little Dragon - Constant Surprises

This albums been out for a while, but since I just started this blog I HAD to add my fave song from them to it. Check the video. Looooooooooooove Yukimi. Can't wait till Their next album comes out in April!!!

Deee-Lite - Call Me

Taking it back!!! When I first started raving The Dew Drops in the Garden album was the SHIT!!! If you don't have you must get.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Got A Thing On My Mind

I looooooove this song! I decided to download this album after hearing it on the L platform. I was waiting for my man so we could ride the train home together and some dude had a mask on and was playing this song over and over. He had a sign with a dance menu, each move had a different price. I didn't see him do much more than a little pop locking, not too many people seemed to be interested. Only in NYC.

Q-Tip ft. D'Angelo - Believe

I looooove this track. Beat on point, message on point, not to mention D'Angelo on top of that!!! Yo what happened to him anyway?

Cocorosie - By Your Side

My fave Cocorosie song from their first album " La Maison De Mon Reve". My fiance says they sound like druken Erykah Badus. Ha! Listen to the lyrics, I can never get over "I'll wear your black eyes, bake you apple pies". Love it!