Monday, March 9, 2009

J*Davey at Webster Hall

Went to see J*Davey at Webster Hall on saturday. This girl Amanda Diva opened up for them. Amanda Diva definitely has charisma and I truly liked her and enjoyed watching her but... I felt the music was a little broadway comedy show like. It was weird. she definitely had me laughing at times and she has a presence its just that I couldn't feel the music much.

J*Davey came out at like 2am. Talk about a late start. Then she kept asking where the energy was. come on now girl, we'd been waiting all night. pssshht! Any way they definitely put on a good show, Its just that they started out with all new tracks, all stuff being released by Warner Brothers. I don't know if its because they have a major deal now, but I wasn't feeling the new stuff. I actually thought it was a little wack. It was super pop KTU style. Or so it sounded. I'm not gonna judge completely so I'll just wait until the new album comes out to decide if I like or not. I really enjoyed seeing them perform their 1st album tracks. Good Shit!

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