Monday, March 23, 2009

Raphael Saadiq at Irving Plaza (The Fillmore)

The best show EVER!!! Raphael Saadiq is an amazing performer. He sounds awesome live. I was very pleased to see such a mixed crowd. Older white couples, young cool fashionable black kids, some muslim peeps, asian, indan EVERYTHING, latino/spanish/latins whatever the hell people are calling us these days. Any way it was a great crowd. hehe. The show was the shit! He put on a long show with no breaks really. He just kept it moving with energy like you wouldn't believe. He started off with stuff off of his new album, then Ali Shaheed Muhammed came on stage and the broke in to a bunch of Lucy Pearl stuff. Then after that they transitioned back into some new stuff then went into some Tony Toni Tone stuff. After that he did some of his early solo stuff like "Ask of You". Then back to new stuff. hahah I hope you understood that last jumble of post, I'm kinda writing this blog in a hurry. Any way the crowd was hyped and totally involved which made for an even better show. My suggestion is that if he's coming to your town. DEFINITELY go. and take moms too! Sorry I didn't take any pictures, forgot to bring my camera. I was in the back any way and had to keep asking my fiance to lift my short ass up.

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